David Watersun specializes in producing dramatic Hawaiian photography. Watersun Photography has operated from Maui for twenty years to create advertising, corporate, and editorial photography. Hawaii has become the focus of Watersun's work, where the island lifestyle offers unique opportunities to photograph its diverse people, places, and events. David's location, activity, and cultural photographs of Hawaii’s heritage and environment appear in print and electronic media for client projects.

After receiving academic degrees from Occidental College and Brooks Institute of Photography, David Watersun opened his Seattle studio to produce corporate photography for major clients such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Transamerica. Watersun was commissioned by Canon Photography to photograph the America's Cup yachting competition in Australia, which led to an international odyssey from the Indian Ocean to the Great Barrier Reef. David arrived in Hawaii to market his photographic library of travel, scenic, and lifestyle images to media producers and professional designers.

David Watersun embarked on a journey across the United States to produce a pictorial book, The Victorian Express, about Victorian architecture. This national bestseller generated a series of Americana images available for licensing by editors, art directors, and photo buyers. Watersun produced the architectural photography for Under A Maui Roof by The American Institute of Architects, which features Maui's eclectic structures. This anthology presents over one-hundred island resorts, homes, churches, civic, and cultural buildings. Watersun Photography created the culinary images to illustrate The Maui Chef Seafood Cookbook, which features signature recipes of Hawaiian cuisine. David was the principal photographer for Kapalua Nui: Place Of Life, a legacy book which depicts the nature, culture, and lifestyle of Kapalua Resort.

David Watersun accepts location and studio assignments to create a diversity of island photography for publications, internet, and promotional media. Image licensing is available from his extensive photographic library called The Watersun Collection™. David Watersun can be contacted at Watersun Photography by phone and fax by calling 808.878.3318 or email: watersun@maui.net to discuss your project.